Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A few things that inspire how Mekayla & her friends started their summer vacation

Just the beginnings of the people, places, and things that made my series Mekayla & Company come to life. This sits above my work station, and while I had fun just making it and putting together all the bright colors (because I love my bright colors), I'm surprised that it's actually being effective at keeping me on track when I get into a slump. Anytime I think of something from my past that inspires me, or see someone that helps me put together a visual of my character and their personality, I add to it.

The setting of the very first manuscript I put together, that's still very much a work in progress.

Mekayla, an aspiring astronaut and lover of all things space and sci-fi, is convinced she sees a UFO crash land behind her G-Gs house. She and her friends even find part of the wreck in their fort which they call Serenity. But despite the evidence, no one believes them! Weird stuff begins to happen around town, including disappearing neighbors, lights going on and off her G-Gs house (despite it being empty at the moment), and a strange girl that keeps showing up out of thin air. When Mekayla hears an old legend about her town, she thinks she knows how to save her town before it's overrun by aliens from another world.

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