Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Mekayla & Company

Mekayla & Company. The story of a girl and her friends, in a small town, trying to make their own excitement while dealing with bullying because of who they are.
Way back when it was something else that I started, sort of a fanfic spin off of the BSC Little Sister series. That was back before I even knew what fan fiction was. One day while stuck in a rut and wanting more, and listening to my little niece want to be something she's not, it gave me the idea to resurrect the story idea I had all those years ago.

The story is of seven year old Mekayla, an aspiring astornaut, lover of all things science and the outdoors, who loves to explore and create. She never likes to hear the word 'can't' when it comes to her adventures. She stands out in her small town for many reasons, but the most obvious is she's the only kid in her town that comes from a mixed family-her mother is Jewish and Jamaican, and her father is Christian and Caucasion.

Her best friends are Caden, who is an outcast by association because of his last name, and who doesn't mind taking the blame if one of Mekayla's crazy schemes do get them in trouble with the parents; Emia, Caden's future step sister, who was born in Quebec and thinks herself the princess; and Lindsey, the quiet, reserved, cautious type, who faces relentless teasing over the fact she comes from a same sex household. If they didn't have each other, they would have nobody. Hopefully one day, people will enjoy reading about their crazy adventures, schemes, pranks, hectic holidays, and friendship as much as I do writing about them.

I will write more about these characters later so you can get to know them a little better, plus what they spent the first part of their summer vacation doing.

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